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Service you can count on

To us, service isn’t just a word; it’s a commitment. While you’re working hard to stay on schedule, we’re working by your side, providing you with the tools to keep your equipment running. ENI Corporation offers customers a team of knowledgeable experienced personnel that are available to provide innovative solutions for your unique needs. Our products and services will help reduce your operating costs, maximize equipment life, minimize downtime and improve equipment performance. With the right blend of value-added products, services and industry expertise, we can lay the foundation for a long-term partnership that will help keep your business profitable.

In-depth knowledge and long-term experience

ENI Corporation key personnel are backed by years of experience in the lubrication and filtration industry and are uniquely qualified to deliver the services that meet your needs and your equipment maintenance challenges. Lubrication and Filtration is often overlooked as a strategic maintenance function until a significant event, usually a failure or other significant threat to your business, reveals the need for a different approach. The failure that prompts change usually results in an injury and/or a loss of production, and/or the equipment is expensive to repair.

World Class Products

In tandem with our World Class Product manufacturers, we can leverage our knowledge to provide you with technical support, on-site training and the latest in preventive maintenance services and industry-leading products.

Our reputation for quality products, services and reliability over the years makes Lube-Tech the company that maintenance managers choose to deliver a total maintenance solution customized to meet their needs. We also offer a comprehensive set of essential services carefully designed to improve the effectiveness of equipment maintenance programs assisting maintenance managers to achieve a safe passage to a better equipment-operating environment.