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Company Working Arena

With a blessing of Almighty God, Born at 2011 with a commitment to be more than just another supplier, ENI Corporation delivers comprehensive services that combine industry-leading products, technology and expertise. ENI Corporation is well versed not only in lubricants and filters, but also in the issues specific to the Lubrication and Filtration Industry. Far from simply providing products, ENI Corporation is actively involved in problem solving for the end-user, whether it means solving equipment or lubrication and filtration problems, storage, delivery or packaging worries; we are dedicated in doing whatever it takes to keep your Company up and running smoothly.

Mission, Vision, Value

Our job is your success, and, as such; we will work hand in hand with you to get a better understanding of your unique needs. This collaborative approach will enable us to mix your needs with our knowledge to provide the best combination of value-added products and services to achieve your business goals.


Our Main focus would be to cover industrial needs with correct product and top most quality & services.


ENI Corporation aims towards a technologically advance lubricant blending plant within our own territory to satisfy the ever expanding demand of lube oil in our country market.


ENI Corporation follows a simple rule of simplicity & integrity throughout its whole activities. We value our customer & cherish our employees and based on it we try to build our stairs of success.